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A Commitment to Excellence: Beyond the Ordinary

“SNA Software’s overall rating for Management during this period was exceptional…They have been exceptionally responsive addressing needs of the Program Offices.”

U.S. Government Contractor Performance Assessment Report

Since 2007, SNA Software has expanded the way businesses and government organizations look at project management data. Our company is a one-stop shop and our personnel experts in our field of data science, project management, and systems engineering. Our mission is to get you results and maximize your return on investment. Thus, not only does SNA Software provide what are accepted as being the gold standard solutions in our market, but we ensure that you get maximum value from them, assisting in implementation, configuring the solutions to fit your organization’s needs and culture, and to provide complete training, knowledge transfer, and support in their operation.

SNA Software LLC is a small, veteran-owned software company with corporate offices in Orlando, Florida and strategically located development and support personnel across the United States. We are dedicated to producing COTS products using the latest technology that reduce direct labor, improve productivity, and provide unequaled capabilities directly applied to solving your project management, business information and analytics, and data transformation challenges.

Our reach is global, and though our products reflect the efforts of SNA Software in their functionality as applied to our customers augmented by its own U.S.-based code and applications, our technology partners are important members of the SNA family. These technology partners are Intaver Institute of Calgary, Canada, which is the producer of RiskyProject™, Promineo AS, which is the technology partner for the underlying Proteus™ technology, and Technology and Business Solutions, LLC, our software Cloud provider.

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What’s In a Name?

Illustration of Proteus by Andrea Alciato from The Book of Emblems (1531)

The legend of Proteus in Greek mythology establishes this Greek deity among the first of the progeny of Poseidon. To sailors he is traditionally referred to as the “Old Man of the Sea” and possesses prophetic powers. Proteus will alter his shape and nature in order to avoid capture but, once captured, will answer to those who do manage to capture him. From this tradition the English adjective Protean is synonymous with “changeable”, “variable”, and “versatile.” When someone is described in this way “they have the ability to continually change their nature, appearance, or behavior.”* Proteus software is designed to use these characteristics of its namesake–to provide you with the ability to utilize software that works for you.
*Definition from Collins English Dictionary

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