Our core team has worked together for more than 20 years over three companies. We started SNA Software in the entrepreneurial spirit of doing something new and different when it came to introducing technology that improves the work life of business and government professionals, directly contributing to their productivity and effectiveness. Technology is changing rapidly, and with it the ability to capture broader and larger datasets that provide us with an understanding of the world around us. In applying its technologies, SNA has established effective and lean learning and knowledge environments that provide insights never realized before. Our team is dedicated to establishing a healthy and fulfilling work environment in SNA that is customer-focused and dedicated to excellence and continuous process improvement. See our leadership team below and, if you have a chance, meet our support team!

Nicholas Pisano

President and CEO

Nicholas Pisano (Nick) is the President and CEO of SNA Software, a certified small, veteran-owned company. He has extensive experience in the software, project, business, logistics, and acquisition management fields, with over 30 years in both government and private industry. He is a retired “mustang” U.S. Navy Commander having served operational assignments at sea and overseas. His final tour, prior to retirement, was as a member of the staff of the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition & Technology where he served as Lead Action Officer of Integrated Program Management policy. As part of the first Navy Acquisition Corps, he pioneered several project management techniques and methodologies. His recommendations to the Secretary of the Navy eventually led to many of the acquisition reforms accepted by Rear Admiral Stuart Platt, the first Navy Competition Advocate General, and Dr. William Perry, later Secretary of Defense. Nick possesses a number of personal awards and unit citations for his service.

Prior to founding SNA, Nick drove sales as Director of Sales and Marketing at C/S Solutions, where he established the application wInsight as the de facto industry standard for earned value management. He went on to become Senior Director of EPM Product Marketing at Deltek where he closed the largest sales for the company at that time, but more importantly, continued to influence the methods and policies in the exchange of data between industry and government in the key areas of acquisition and project management.

He is an active member of the Project Management Institute (PMI), a former board member and current member of the College of Performance Management (CPM), a member of the National Defense Industrial Association Integrated Program Management Division (NDIA IPMD) where he previously served as the head of the Contracts Working Group. He has also served as the Managing Editor of the College of Performance Management’s journal, The Measurable News.

Nick holds a B.S. from the University of Maryland (Honors), an M.S. from Pepperdine University, an M.A. from the Combat Studies Institute of the Army Command and General Staff College (Honors), and is a graduate of the senior executive program of the Colgate-Darden Graduate School of Business of the University of Virginia.

When Nick was first introduced to Proteus technology, he literally jumped out of his chair. “This was the open systems technology that we had been seeking in our industry. In my previous companies we used simple analytics that depended on proprietary data solutions. I realized upon seeing Proteus that this would open data up to the world in ways that could only be imagined previously.”

Aside from the capable and professional staff at SNA Software, Nick is assisted by his feline assistant Lexi, a Russian Blue. “After a hard day watching Nick at the office, I like to relax with a few good pieces of roasted chicken, which do not taste like tuna. It is a good thing that Nick surrounds himself with such talented people given his obvious limitations, though I don’t think much of humans to begin with.”

Matt Pitstick

Chief Technology Officer

Matt Pitstick is Chief Technology Officer at SNA Software, leveraging his 20 years of experience in project management software to architect and develop our groundbreaking Proteus Envision solution. Matt was on the working group that developed the framework of what became the Integrated Performance Management Report (IPMR) Data Item Description (DiD), in which he provided valuable input to the emerging standard. After successfully proving the efficacy and accuracy of the IPMR data formats to the Program Assessment and Root Cause Analysis (PARCA) division, the IPMR was executed into policy and Matt served on the change control board as a vendor representative.  He went on to extend the schema’s capabilities to better support customer and industry requirements and then assisted with the Integrated Program Management Data Analysis Reports (IPMDAR) DiD by providing guidance through the NDIA IPMD division and other channels, ensuring that the new datasets would continue to support various government stakeholders.

Matt has been paramount in the successful rollout of EnvisionData and Proteus to deliver dozens of extremely powerful reporting and analytical workspaces in the Proteus Envision repositories. His efforts led to the championing of the Proteus Envision product suite by the Air Force Space and Missile Center (SMC), Navy Engineering Logistics Office (NELO), Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other project-centric government and commercial agencies.  All of these organizations use Proteus Envision as their de facto standard to facilitate the analysis, reporting and predictive measurements of program performance, as well as system compliance, on hundreds of billions of dollars of acquisition contract scope. Matt has continuously demonstrated his ability to comprehend complex project management challenges faced by commercial firms and government organizations in the aerospace, defense, oil and gas, and construction markets.

Prior to SNA Software, Matt was instrumental in implementing project management software and processes at Lockheed Martin Space Company, working in the Central Program Performance Management Tools group. He also was technical manager for the wInsight Dashboard at C/S Solutions where he also used his skills to develop courses and worked with customers to ensure successful implementations. Matt later went on to work with Deltek as a systems consultant where he continued to implement project management tools and processes in the aerospace and defense, and federal markets.

Matt is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in Business Management Information Systems (Honors). While there he played Division I baseball for the Mustangs on a scholarship.

Matt’s family dog Liv, a yellow lab, is as dependable and versatile as the software SNA supports.  She strives to be like Proteus, but has the edge at being a better fetcher, fishing companion, and bird chaser. Just like there’s no bone too big for Liv to chew off, there’s no challenge too big for the SNA team to solve

David Blair

Lead Developer

David Blair is the architect and lead developer for SNA Software. David has been at the heart of the development efforts for our industry-leading data modeling and transformation product suite, EnvisionData, which has consistently led the industry in implementing cutting-edge standards like the UN/CEFACT IPMR and IPMDAR. He was key in implementing these standards in a user-friendly product suite while the rest of the industry was just getting its boots on. He is also responsible for extending and maintaining a suite of Proteus plug-ins and add-ons for implementing complex data modeling, report and chart creation. David is also a leading practitioner in applying new technologies to solve problems of data transformation and Big Data integration. His innovative and practical approaches have allowed SNA Software to be a technology leader in capturing large datasets that integrate project, program, and portfolio data for use as actionable intelligence by some of the largest DoD, Federal government, and Fortune 500 corporations.

Prior to joining SNA Software, David was central to many of the leading project management suites and tools including Performance Analyzer, and wInsight at C/S Solutions, and later as wInsight project lead at Deltek.

David is always impressed by how the team at SNA Software is always able to stay ahead of the rest of the industry with our easy-to-use suite of tools that are very complex under the hood, “We always manage to produce industry-leading solutions to very complex problems, but do it with a not-so-complex interface, which makes the tools both powerful and useful. And that’s due to our deep understanding of the industry, the problems, the data, and the users we serve.”

Stay Luna! Good dog, Luna!

Tom Isaac

Strategic Accounts Sales Manager

Tom Isaac is a Strategic Accounts Executive for SNA Software, responsible for key new and existing customers.  In this role he acts as the primary liaison and advocate for the SNA team for key accounts, as well as the primary contact for any business issues to include licensing, pricing, consulting, support, etc.

Tom has 30+ years of sales and sales management experience with various enterprise project and portfolio management software companies.  Knowledge areas include IT PPM/Governance, New Product Development, Government, High Tech, Financial Services, Aerospace & Defense, Manufacturing, and Health Care/ Pharmaceuticals. Prior to his sales career Tom had fifteen years of project management consulting services experience in Engineering, Construction, Government, Telecoms, and Professional Services.

Tom is a graduate of Princeton University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, and attended the University of Virginia Darden School of Business.

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