EVMS and Systems Compliance

Earned Value Analysis and Integration, Systems Compliance and Integrated Baseline Review in One Package

“From our market research in making the award we found that the SNA toolset gave us better integrated performance….Furthermore on cost, we estimate that the Proteus solution saved at least 30% over commensurate solutions in the market.”

Third Party Market Research Report for Contract Award

Complete Project Controls Toolkit Out-of-the-Box

  • Select from a library of Project Control User Workspaces configured for each type of data, role, responsibility, and level of the organization
  • Project, Program, and Portfolio Analysis Dashboards
  • COTS Analysis for any level in support of EVM: Work Package, Control Account, and Selected Levels
  • Complete COTS Project Schedule and Portfolio Analysis
  • Packaged with time-phased and hierarchical engines to ensure that project data is properly aligned and represented – allows for time-phased analysis and comparisons
  • Pre-loaded with a complete library of Predictive Analytics, Charts, Graphs, and Reports for selection into dashboards and analytical windows
  • Open to user level configuration to supplement standard analytics
  • Written narrative input and workflow through levels of approval
  • Integration of Earned Value, Schedule, Risk, and Other Selected Data – or separate solutions based on needs of the organization
  • Export Charts and Reports to Excel, PowerPoint, MS Word, and Other Data Types
  • Compatibility and integration with RiskyProject, Intaver Institute’s qualitative and quantitative risk analysis application
  • Fully customizable

System Compliance and Government Oversight Ready

  • Pre-built workspaces for Compliance and Preparation for Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBR)
  • Pre-built workspaces for DCMA’s DECM
  • Open data approach to data from systems of record ensures auditability and traceability throughout the data transformation process
  • Captures and Integrates both Work Authorization (WAD) and Project Team’s Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)

Flexible Data Capture and Transformation

  • COTS creation of DoD-compliant XML and IPMDAR JSON schema files from systems of record
  • COTS creation of extended XML schema files to support DCMA DECM
  • COTS creation of extended XML schema files to support IBR
  • Compatibility with all earned value engines and scheduling applications used in the industry
  • Import and load of all industry open schemas regardless of source (XML, wsa, X12, etc.)