SNA Software Sponsors UMD Project Management Symposium

SNA Software Sponsors UMD Project Management Symposium

Join SNA Software LLC and project management specialists from across the world at the upcoming University of Maryland Project Management Symposium being held April 20-21 at the Adel H. Stamp Student Union building, in College Park, Maryland.

Along with the College of Performance Management, and SNA’s technology partner Intaver Institute, makers of RiskyProject, SNA personnel will have a table to demonstrate the latest capabilities provided by Proteus Envision and SNA’s unique automated data transformation and load capabilities that support interoperability and data integration across PPM domains.

In addition, SNA CEO Nicholas Pisano, will be delivering a non-commercial white paper and presentation on his vision on data integration and PPM interoperability entitled “Frontiers and Boundaries: Establishing an Integrated Project, Program, and Portfolio Management (IPPM) Digital Ecosystem.” He will be giving his talk on April 20, at 1:30pm Eastern, under the Performance Management track. The basis of the talk with be his experience that began with his work on the integrated digital environment while he was a senior Naval Officer at the Pentagon, and his further experiences in private industry and as CEO of SNA Software in learning from other government and industry visionaries.

His talk is expected to be a lively TED-like discussion and Q&A on the nature of data, the methods of integration, the role of data science and analytics, differences in Agile development approaches, and the resulting new mathematics in determining the relative value–and improvements in the value–of data.

SNA Software Announces That It Is One Of The Winners Of The $900 Million Air Force Innovation Contract

SNA Software Announces That It Is One Of The Winners Of The $900 Million Air Force Innovation Contract

SNA Software, the leading open systems, data transformation and multi-domain integration software solutions provider in the defense market, is pleased to announce that it is one of the winners of an up-to $900,000,000 ceiling, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract awarded by Air Force Life Cycle Management, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio. The work is for “the development of innovative approaches that bring multi-domain systems capabilities, the characterization of new technologies and systems through studies, recurrent demonstration and rapid development to enable rapid prototyping, and test and capability transition.” This award, which included multiple other companies, was the result of full and open competition, with 94 responses received. The $900M ceiling applies to each awardee.

More information on the contract can be found at

Intaver and SNA Software Deliver New Program Management Risk Solution

Intaver and SNA Software Deliver New Program Management Risk Solution

New Capabilities include use of Industry JSON Schema

November 29, 2022. Intaver Institute of Calgary Canada, the makers of RiskyProject, and SNA Software LLC of Orlando, Florida, makers of Proteus and Envision, announced a new set of integration enhancements between their products in order to facilitate the delivery of a complete program and project management risk solution for use within the GovCon and Aerospace & Defense industries. The announcement parallels the release into production of the new capabilities to their major customers.

The new integration utilizes an extension to the neutral industry and government IPMDAR JSON schema. Applying this approach optimizes project management scheduling data, allowing its access and analysis regardless of originating scheduling application. This enhancement provides a standardized and consistent approach to risk analysis that is accessible to both general project and specialized risk practitioners across industry, government, and project management customers and strategic partners.

Matt Pitstick, Chief Technology Officer for SNA Software, stated: “We have been working with our industry and agency customers for the last year to ensure that we apply an automation and open systems solution in supporting the processes of risk analysis applied to all of the subsystems in project management: earned value, schedule, technical performance, and financial. The combination of RiskyProject and Proteus Envision delivers, most significantly, rapid and repeatable processes in support of schedule risk analysis (SRA) and Joint Confidence Level (JCL) Analysis.”

With the significant power and scaling of the Proteus BI platform and the extensive COTS functionality delivered through Envision repositories, historical schedules are maintained with the ability to compare results across status dates, or to run new simulations on revised status dates. Cost simulations integrated with schedule provide powerful early warning analysis of project performance.

“Proteus Envision is one of the only applications on the market today fully utilizing the IPMDAR standard schema,” said Nicholas Pisano, CEO of SNA Software.

“Our COTS data capture and transformation application EnvisionData has significantly eliminated the bespoke nature of that effort, capturing large project management datasets in a matter of seconds or minutes, depending on size, where in the past a team of data specialists and much direct labor with Excel workbooks would have been necessary over a period of days or weeks. The software captures both the Contract Performance Dataset (CPD) and the Schedule Performance Dataset (SPD), at any level of detail, and place these in a neutral and open database for complete data democratization. This then provides the basis for the top-tier RiskyProject application to apply its comprehensive qualitative and quantitative risk analysis capabilities to that data.”

RiskyProject provides the engine that delivers the goods, applying its powerful risk analysis engines against any size dataset to deliver its results back to Proteus Envision using common data tables that allows project and program stakeholders the ability to receive timely intelligence based on the best automated analysis available.

Michael Trumper, Director of Business Development at Intaver Institute summarized the process. “Once the contract period data is loaded into Proteus, we can pull the cost and schedule data with uncertainties into RiskyProject. Once the cost and schedule data are loaded, program risks from the integrated risk register are linked to the cost and schedule data. RiskyProject then runs a complete integrated cost and schedule simulation on the data generating forecasts for cost, schedule, JCL (joint confidence levels), sensitivity, risk scores and priority, and additional risk metrics. The results of the risk analysis can then be pulled back into Proteus and presented in the Program Management reports and dashboards.”

For more information on this solution please contact either SNA Software at or through Intaver Institute at

SNA Software Releases New Project Integration Capabilities

SNA Software Releases New Project Integration Capabilities

Proteus and Envision Products Now Include Compatibility with Intaver’s RiskyProject, IBM’s DOORS, SNA MBSE, Digital Twin, and SAP’s Financial Data Management

Orlando-based SNA Software LLC announced a series of new pathbreaking releases to its core open-systems integrated project management software applications. These enhancements expand the scope of what constitutes integration in the domain of project management and are now in production at several government agencies.

Among the new capabilities is the incorporation of enhanced cost and schedule risk analysis combined with Intaver’s RiskyProject qualitative and quantitative risk analysis application. The new risk functionality uses open-systems data transformation processes to make project schedule data transparent using the industry and government PM standard IPMDAR schema. Open interfaces between RiskyProject and Proteus Envision allow for the utilization of neutral scheduling data to run both Joint Confidence Level (JCL) risk and Schedule and Cost Risk Analysis processes. The COTS visualization capabilities of Proteus Envision provides qualitative and quantitative time-phased and drill-down analytical capabilities into integrated risk analysis.

“Having the capability to capture and transform schedules into a neutral schedule format, regardless of source, removes proprietary barriers, thereby improving communication and understanding of the project,” said Chris Hassler, SNA’s NASA project lead. “Having the capabilities of RiskyProject and the analytics of Proteus Envision drives standardization and establishes a feedback loop that results in improved schedule quality, establishing a trusted source of project information.”

Another new feature introduced by SNA relates to the automation of systems engineering at the intersection of project and program management. These new capabilities provide automated visualization and analysis capabilities in areas that, up to the introduction of Proteus, were still guided by labor-intensive processes.

Capabilities in this area include the tracking and analysis of systems engineering submissions and changes; integration of technical performance measures that include measures of effectiveness (MOE), measures of performance (MOP), key performance parameters (KPPs), and technical performance measures (TPMs), with resulting impacts on project schedule, technical and cost; and Project Planning &Control (PP&C) data linked to overlays of components and systems in an early deployment of project-centric Digital Twin within a Completed Technology Dashboard.

The SNA Systems Engineering (SE) repository can be used as a stand-alone Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) system, or can be deployed as an advanced SE visualization and analysis systems that extends the functionality of IBM’s DOORS products. Compatibility with DOORS includes both data and images.

Matt Pitstick, Chief Technology Officer of SNA, remarked with the release of this capability: “we have worked hard to expand the scope of the possible in capturing the complete dataset related to project management. At the end of the day, technical performance and systems engineering define what is being built and the nature of what is deployed when it is built. We provide a window into this process that mainstreams it with the day-to-day work of project control and management, saving time, effort, and money.”

The third main enhancement released by SNA is a financial management capability that establishes a Sarbanes-Oxley-compliant interface with SAP Financial Data Management that processes a daily data capture and import into financial analysis, management, and reporting repositories with visualizations through Proteus Envision. This enhancement provides timely financial management information on budget execution and status essential to day-to-day management of projects, programs, and portfolios, eliminating the need for cumbersome ad hoc data extracts into spreadsheets and other limited toolsets.

Nicholas Pisano, CEO of SNA Software, had this to say in announcing the latest series of enhancements: “SNA has flown below the radar this past summer as we satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers—which is always our focus. We are also always careful to ensure that our new releases and enhancements are business-ready and user-proven before releasing them to the market as a whole. As such, our customers and the SNA team are very proud of these new capabilities.”

Mr. Pisano added, “SNA’s core vision from the start is to provide a holistic picture of project and program performance that makes these important efforts comprehensible to decision-makers: enhancements that not only expand the scope and quality of data made available, but also have a direct impact in saving time, effort, money, and in improving the business value of information. Our goal is to disrupt the traditional consultants, processes, and software providers in this market that continue to provide an environment where project failure in terms of cost overruns and schedule slippage are both a surprise and the norm. Failing upward should not be acceptable. Wherever there is a labor-intensive process, we seek to automate it to improve the value of the process and save money. Wherever essential information is siloed or sub-optimized, we seek to apply improvements that better derive its quality, importance, and business value.”

Please click here to learn more about SNA Software LLC. If you are a government employee and want to receive a white paper on three examples of Proteus realizing direct cost savings and improved data quality and value, click here.

Orlando Business Owner Nicholas Pisano Named to NSBA Leadership Council

Orlando Business Owner Nicholas Pisano Named to NSBA Leadership Council

Orlando, Florida – Nicholas Pisano of Orlando-based SNA Software LLC was recently named to the National Small Business Association (NSBA) Leadership Council. NSBA is the nation’s oldest small-business advocacy organization, and operates on a staunchly nonpartisan basis. Mr. Pisano, a recognized leader in the small-business community, joins the NSBA Leadership Council alongside other small-business advocates from across the country as they work to promote the interests of small business to policymakers in Washington, D.C.

“As a veteran-owned small-business owner, I see daily the importance of being involved and active when it comes to the issues affecting small and veteran-owned businesses across the country,” stated Mr. Pisano. “Joining NSBA’s Leadership Council will enable me to take our collective small-business message to the people that need to hear it most: Congress.”

Nicholas Pisano is the CEO and proprietor of SNA Software. He has extensive experience in the information, data, project, business, logistics, and acquisition management fields, with over 40-years’ experience across both military service and private industry. He is an active member of a number of professional organizations related to government procurement and program management, writes for various on-line journals in his fields of interest, and currently participates in the CEO Xchange program coordinated by Florida SBDC at the University of Central Florida—a collaborative peer group of Orlando CEOs that offers a confidential setting for top executives to discuss vital business issues, opportunities, best business practices, and trends.

Mr. Pisano joined the NSBA Leadership Council as part of his efforts to tackle the many critical issues facing technology-focused small businesses, including government regulation and acquisition policy, tax reform, health care, and access to capital. The NSBA Leadership Council is focused on providing valuable networking between small-business advocates from across the country while ensuring small business a seat at the table as Congress and regulators take up key small-business proposals.

“I am proud to have Nick Pisano as part of our Leadership Council,” stated NSBA President and CEO Todd McCracken. “He came to us highly recommended and I look forward to our coordinated efforts for years to come.”

Please click here to learn more about SNA Software LLC.

For more on the NSBA Leadership Council, please visit

SNA Software Selected for Eglin Wide Agile Acquisition Contract

SNA Software Selected for Eglin Wide Agile Acquisition Contract (EWAAC)

26 May 2022 – SNA Software announced today that it has been on-ramped into the the U.S. Air Force’s Eglin Wide Agile Acquisition Contract (EWAAC). The USAF had identified shortfalls in its contractor base in support of its on-going efforts toward digital transformation. Phase 2 of the on-ramp of this Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract includes capable digitally vetted companies that are identified to support warfighter needs.

In announcing SNA’s selection for EWAAC, Nicholas Pisano, CEO of SNA Software, commented: “All Air Force and other DoD and Federal agencies qualified to order from EWAAC now have another means of easily sourcing SNA’s powerful software. The Air Force has shown an interest in technologies that establish a digital ecosystem to meet the goals of their Digital Trinity: Digital Engineering and Management, Agile Processes, and Open Architecture as it relates to their armament and other programs. SNA Software has proven itself as the gold standard in being able to execute these rigorous standards in transforming and integrating previously siloed data into a decisive organizational asset.”

SNA Software’s products Proteus and Envision are market tested and proven to capture the entire project, program, and portfolio management lifecycle. Unlike point solutions that silo data and require external data transfer and touch-labor manipulation, SNA leverages industry data schemas to automate data science and to transform data into timely and relevant information.

Armed with its powerful data integrity and quality checks, it ensures that data is transparent, traceable, and trustworthy, establishing a single source of trusted business intelligence. Sitting on a common open systems BI framework, powerful configurable analytics, time-phasing, visualization, and reporting is augmented by proven COTS out-of-the-box IPPM functionality.

As such, Proteus Envision combines the power and flexibility of Tableau with the domain functionality of point solutions like Deltek’s wInsight and Acumen combined. More importantly, EnvisionData provides automated data capture and transformation, supporting the DoD-standard IPMR, IPMDAR, and FlexFile schemas, as well as other data-specific industry schemas.

This combination has been proven to improve the timeliness and use of essential performance data, reduce labor associated with data manipulation, greatly reduce errors and invalid data and, as a result, improve the outcome of data-driven decision-making.

Find out why our customers use our products to manage and assess over $200B in R&D program value. Send us a message and schedule a demo or a pilot.

SNA Software Achieves 15 Years in Business

SNA Software Achieves 15 Years in Business

This week marks SNA Software’s 15th year from its incorporation. In noting this milestone, SNA’s CEO, Nicholas Pisano, released the following statement to the employees of the company and its customers.

Today marks the day from 15 years ago that we incorporated and conceived of SNA Software. Our origin story is much like those heralded by other technology companies: that we had a good deal of experience working in the project management discipline, but had a different vision than that pursued by a market that became dominated by one voracious company that bought—and continued to buy up—smaller companies. So, we struck out on our own in a market dominated not just by a dominant competitor but one with other market players—small niche software companies and consulting firms–aligned with them. Our first headquarters reflected this reality and has marked our approach since then. It was a small guest house in Albuquerque, New Mexico and our model was as a virtual geographically dispersed company.

Our goal was and is a deceptively simple one: to use technology to capture and harness data from the entire breadth and depth of the operational project lifecycle in a rapid manner, and to visualize and analyze that data to make it comprehensible and of practical utility to decision makers. Our creed, which remains to this day, was to achieve our goal through a cohesive and unitary solution under the concept of open systems that offered maximum flexibility, options, and control to the customer, the subject matter expert, and the daily user. It was to “Put the SME back into the driver’s seat” as we first said, and to allow our customers to “Own the Data.”

The ultimate goal was to introduce a more expansive definition of data integration as applied to business and government project management. Needless to say, this approach is against the business school dictum that one can sell a product or a new idea, but not both simultaneously. We decided to challenge that assumption and have succeeded in spite of it.

Our numbers began with two, and shortly thereafter expanded to three. We were approached by other firms—both international and domestic—that offered new types of middleware and new technologies that we could leverage to achieve our goals. From Day One we have been highly focused on research and development, and the exploration of new practical solutions that can be incorporated into our vision. This discipline has continued to this day. The mix of products and partners evolved over time, with some of these falling out, either through a mismatch of vision or inadequate commitment borne of greed and ego. But, despite the normal vicissitudes of business, we soon were four with a growing customer base.

Our company first found entry into oil and gas, where we applied rigorous real-time project management across multiple disciplines, and where performance was assessed in the most rigorous environments on a daily basis. This success was the proof of concept of our vision, made successful under fire. Other customers followed until SNA, encouraged by government and industry leaders, pivoted back to its core competency of project management in the public interest.

American business at its microeconomic level reflects the state of our societal processes and intercourse. Thus, everything in human nature is encountered there: both the best and the worst of us, everything learned from our crude evolution to our aspirations. Joseph Conrad wrote, in referring to the human mind, that it is “capable of anything because everything is in it, all the past as well as all the future.”

The few either lucky enough or ruthless enough to land at the top or near it cannot fathom a manner of behavior other than what they used to get there. They assume that all of human nature is the same as their own—or should be. Many feel—and I can confirm this from personal experience in dealing with them—that this entitles them to dictate the rules under the creed of the alternative Golden Rule: those who have the gold make the rules.

It is this idea that we seek to disrupt with a different one—the same disruptive idea that has animated people from the Sermon on the Mount to the Declaration of Independence to the Gettysburg Address and to the Declaration of Human Rights. From Huckleberry Finn to The Great Gatsby to The Grapes of Wrath to Invisible Man to American Pastoral. These were never just words. They are a call to action because all action, as Steinbeck reminded us in his Nobel speech, is presaged by words, which carry great responsibility and, if we get it right, wisdom. “In the end is the word and the word is man, and the word is with man.”

As CEO and founder of SNA, I have been influenced and animated by these words. It is what caused my enlistment in the U.S. Navy at a time when such an action was unpopular in American society, a career which I continued for almost 23 years, rising from an enlisted man to a senior commissioned officer. They have propelled my continued pursuit of these vocations that seem to have chosen me. Agency, autonomy, respect, human dignity, honesty, ethics, responsibility, dedication, accountability are what guide me and this company. SNA is an information company. Our focus is on information and knowledge, its ethical and effective use. As such, we are dedicated to the project of empiricism and American pragmatism.

Thus, this brings me to what are and continue to be of utmost importance in our commitment: to the entity of SNA Software, its employees, and its customers. Today, we are a somewhat larger and more successful company in terms of revenue and employees, with many large established customers but, still we are very small.

We—the leadership in SNA—aren’t made up of billionaires or multi-millionaires, but we do live comfortably American lives. Our commitment is to continue to make SNA relevant and vibrant—a good and rewarding place to work. We defend it and its mission fiercely like our homes, maintain it, and make it a point of pride.

As to our employees, Lincoln once wrote in an address to Congress, that “Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed.” I have witnessed this truism in action. SNA hires talented people who teach me every day. Our employees—their commitment and professionalism—are what define this company and I cannot thank you enough. In business, we show our appreciation through good and fair compensation—and our employees share in our good fortune. But it is also just as important to recognize their contributions and commitment to SNA and its customers, for which they have acquitted themselves honorably.

Finally, I would like to express my appreciation to our customers. Our commitment to your success remains our top priority. Though no longer in the Service, for our government customers my commitment to the public good through SNA remains as strong as when I wore a uniform. SNA employees embody that commitment in supporting both private industry and public agencies, and I thank you for your confidence in us.

SNA Software Reports Strong 2021 Sales

SNA Software Reports Strong 2021 Sales

Completing its annual review and presentation to its board, SNA Software LLC, a veteran-owned small business operating in the business intelligence and integrated program management software market, reported out strong sales in 2021. This continued the trend that began in Q2 of 2020 against pandemic headwinds that threatened, during the first months of Covid-19 restrictions, dislocations and reduced business performance.

Reporting double digit growth that added to similar growth the year before, SNA made significant gains in adding to its portfolio of government agencies and commercial companies using its products. “In adding significant sales–including organizational licenses–SNA grew across all of its financial categories including software licenses, software development, and support sales. As a result, SNA was able to continue its aggressive commitment to internal investment in R&D that allowed it to expand its capabilities to meet the challenges of its customers in a Covid-restricted world. Our wins included several strategic federal agencies and commercial market leaders that will sustain further growth in 2022 and beyond,” said the report.

In meeting this growth, SNA acquired additional key personnel resources, growing organically by over 50%. Key employees added to the SNA team included thought leaders in the areas of data transformation, integrated program management, systems engineering, and financial management.

SNA’s CEO, Nicholas Pisano, in remarking about SNA’s sales and financial performance, noted: “Our strength comes from the commitment of our team of professionals, each of whom are leaders in their own right. The customer-focused support that they provide makes all the difference, working with our customers in applying the practical utilization of our technology in establishing an effective digital ecosystem that facilitates our customers’ success. These efforts save our customers time, money, and labor by eliminating non-productive tasks, assuring an accurate and reliable source of truth, and that streamlines the capture and use of essential information for its use at the most decisive moment in decision-making.”

SNA’s accelerated growth began when an objective assessment of almost two dozen leading data integration companies conducted by a federal source evaluation committee utilizing the magic quadrant approach found SNA Software to be the technology leader in its competency: listing it as a visionary with the proven ability to successfully deploy its vision. Having been given the assessment against some of the largest companies in the world, SNA has been known by its customers as “the small software company that can.”

Since that time, SNA has expanded the use of its Proteus and Envision applications to enhance capabilities far beyond earned value, schedule analysis, and basic program management risk analysis; integrating data across the program management lifecycle to include the disciplines of financial management, systems engineering, and technical assessment that intersect with core program management processes. As a result, SNA’s Proteus Envision technology provides a comprehensive integration solution that is achieved through leading edge COTS data capture and transformation technology, allowing SNA’s customers to “own their data.”

SNA Software awarded GSA Contract

SNA Software awarded GSA Contract

SNA Software and the U.S. General Services Administration has made it easier for government agencies and offices in the U.S. Department of Defense to acquire SNA’s popular Proteus and Envision products! SNA Software was awarded a five-year Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contract effective on 9 August 2021. The contract number is 47QTCA21D00DA.

The contract includes the powerful Proteus open business intelligence/application configuration application, the leading-edge Envision data transformation applications, key packaged database and workspace environments supporting DoD, federal government, and commercial PPM, financial management, systems and mission engineering operations; maintenance and support; and labor.

Versions of the Proteus and Envision products include self-hosted and desktop applications, as well as Proteus Cloud. Workspace solutions provided include solutions across the project, program, and portfolio management lifecycle, data compliance and trust, integrated program management, earned value and schedule analysis, transformation and acceptance of data using both commercial, proprietary, and DoD standard schemas such as the IPMR, IMPDAR, and FlexFile standards.

SNA Software is a small, veteran-owned company with customers across the spectrum of public service project, program, and portfolio management organizations. Its products are used to assist in managing, visualizing, and reporting on billions of dollars in program management effort for key systems crucial to national defense, space, and engineering innovation. Its leading-edge applications provide a powerful integrated management environment across larger datasets than previously possible, enhancing the ability of making this data intelligible through packaged data transformation technology, powerful graphics and analytics that remove the labor and time previously spent in data transfer, manipulation and interpretation. This capability provides stakeholders with rapid, more powerful, and accurate information to make informed decisions.

In executing the award, Nicholas Pisano, CEO of SNA Software stated: “The value proposition of our products is obvious: we do not need to employ a team of data scientists and analysts to interpret and process data given EnvisionData and our other automated transformation tools. Proteus open BI/configuration renders multiple purpose-built applications–which do only one thing with no flexibility to the customer–obsolete. Our products are better, more powerful, and cheaper than our competitors across the PPM and BI spectrum. Our after-market commitment to the success of our customers makes the selection of SNA Software both obvious and inevitable. The GSA contract will make the process to acquire this valuable and essential capability that much easier.”

SNA Software’s GSA Contract details can be found here at the GSA eLibrary. Commercial companies authorized to participate and use GSA schedules can also access the special pricing associated with the contract. SNA Software is in the process of listing the schedule through GSA Advantage and on DoD’s FedMall.

SNA Software sponsors Virtual Project Control Summit 2021

SNA Software sponsors Virtual Project Control Summit 2021

Join SNA Software LLC and Project Control Academy from 11 through 14 May in going above and beyond the commonplace in project management and controls.

The virtual Project Control Summit is the best-in-class global virtual conference in project controls that brings together more than 3,000 project professionals from around the world. Participants come from industries as diverse as construction and engineering, energy, power generation and utilities, transportation, information technology, aerospace, chemical engineering, and healthcare.

Given the diversity of industries represented, the Summit is an exciting venue which represents a unique learning and networking experience. In the three years that SNA has attended and sponsored the Summit, over three-fourths of attendees have more than 5 years experience in project management and controls.

For those wanting to enter the project management discipline, the Summit provides an opportunity to meet the thought leaders and practitioners of some of the most successful companies in the world. For those who are already well established in their domain, the Summit represents an opportunity to broader horizons, learn about other perspectives, and network with other established and respected members of the project management community.

Better yet, attendees can learn about SNA Software’s exciting new leading-edge developments deployed among its expanding forward-facing customer base in government and industry that meet the Summit’s goals of “above and beyond.” These include new and simple automated solutions in digital transformation and integration, and methods in capturing the entire project lifecycle to include program framing assumptions and goals, systems engineering, technical performance, risk and uncertainty, financial performance, as well as the more traditional schedule, earned value, and schedule risk analysis.

Join us as Matt Pitstick, SNA’s Chief Technology Officer, will be presenting his talk on “Art of the Possible: The Frontiers of IPPM” on 12 May, and join our CEO, Nick Pisano, as he participates with other project technology leaders in a panel discussion on Tools and Technology on 13 May.

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