Proteus DECM

Proteus DECM: Confidence in Credibility

Get It Right Every Time With Proteus DECM

  • Stay Up-to-Date with the DECM Solution Used by the Defense Contract Management Agency
  • Proteus DECM is the Most Comprehensive Solution on the Market Today
  • Extended Data Capture of All EVM, Schedule, and Time-Phased Information from Any Underlying System
  • Interactive Management Guideline Dashboard Cross References to Test Metrics and Detailed Results, Including DECM Intent and Guidance
  • Built on Powerful Proteus Data Analytics With Unlimited Charts, Graphs, Reports, and Dashboards at Your Fingertips
  • Packaged with Tool Tips, History and Trend Analysis Dashboards, CAM and Management Input Narratives, User- Defined Color Coding and Conditional Formatting
  • Detailed Test Metric Results Allow for User Input of Manual Tests and Additions of Custom Tests Applicable to Your Organization
  • Sorting and Filtering with Dashboards Empower CAMs and IPTs to Track and Trend Progress While Correcting Underlying System Trips

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