Proteus PPM

Integrated Project Controls, Program Management and Portfolio Management

“Proteus application configuration is a very powerful and flexible feature. It enables a Proteus user to create unlimited dashboards along with other visual aids to provide information to stakeholders for informed decision-making.”

Program Analyst, NASA

Proteus Envision is the most comprehensive project management and controls toolkit on the market. The application provides integrated analysis of cost, schedule, and risk performance measures out-of-the-box. Built on a powerful open systems business intelligence platform, any other data sets can be integrated into the project management environment.

The Envision PP/PM solution is pre-configured with a complete selection of industry-tested project controls functionality, views, charts, graphs, and predictive analytics. These selections can be accessed through an application configuration layer that, as a result, provides users with the ability to tailor the solutions that are relevant to their work. Choose from native Grid/GANTT, spreadsheet controls, dashboards, charting, graphing, reporting, histograms, geo-mapping, and document viewing capabilities.

Proteus Envision also supports government compliance and project start baseline reviews out-of-the-box. Capture of work authorization, responsibility assignment matrices, and corrective action plans streamlines project work processes.

Combined with EnvisionData and other special purpose COTS open data transformation (ETL) solutions, any environment is easily and quickly transformed to meet the needs of 21st century project-focused organizations.

Deployed on Proteus Cloud, organizations can combine the power of Proteus with the flexibility and promise of the Cloud.

EnvisionData Transformation Expands the Horizon of Project Integration

EnvisionData is the most powerful and complete COTS data capture and transformation (ETL) solution serving the project management market today. Access to data–and its proper structure–is the key to defining your potential use of essential information, allowing you to be positioned to transition from 2D to 3D/4D project management.

Compatible with all major project management earned value and scheduling applications including from the Deltek suite, Artemis, Oracle Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, RTP, as well as any Microsoft Excel or any other flat file format.

Unlike data visualization on the fly, EnvisionData’s powerful data transformation and reliability assurance ensures that data is traceable and credible.

Combined with Proteus Envision’s PP/PM functionality, organizations save time, money, and labor in capturing and transforming their project data into an organizational asset, giving decision-makers and stakeholders timely information.