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SNA Digital Transformation - Data At Your Fingertips

Data At Your Fingertips through SNA Digital Transformation


SNA Digital Transformation: Own the Data®

Data is brought to your fingertips with the powerful applications delivered by SNA Software. Our solutions consist of an open-systems business intelligence and application configuration platform known as Proteus. This is enhanced by a set of automated data transformation and integration solutions under the moniker of “Envision.”

Finally, combining the flexibility of business intelligence and COTS customer-focused software solutions is Proteus Envision: a complete integrated project, program, and portfolio management, control, and analysis solution that connects the threads of project management domains across the entire project management lifecycle.

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Proteus Open Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Platform

Proteus BI key attributes

Turn any data into a corporate asset. From the analyst to the boardroom though a powerful no-code/low-code open systems application configuration solution that is agnostic to any data source.

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EnvisionData Transformation & Integration (ETL) Solutions

Envision ETL Wheel of Wisdom

Automatically capture, transform, and load data from any project management dataset in seconds through Envision COTS ETL. Eliminates most siloed data streams and eliminates the labor associated with data normalization.

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Proteus Envision Integrated Project, Program and Portfolio Management (IPPM)

Proteus Envision Wheel of Wisdom

Comprehensive cross-domain project, program, and portfolio management digitizes the entire PPM lifecycle. Establishes a single trusted source of truth, connecting threads of data that make up the fabric of effective program management.

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Customer Experience

“Proteus has given us a tremendous advantage…The ability to create rich, informative views backed by deep drill-down capabilities at a moment’s notice…is the difference between success and failure in our department.”

Senior Manager, Major Aerospace Company

Our customers consistently rate our software and customer service as exceptional in formal and tailored surveys. This is because our technology is a cut above the rest and our technical personnel are subject matter experts in the same business domains as you, ensuring that they understand your needs and dedicate themselves to your success. A sampling of organizations that we have assisted in supporting organizational efficiency, cost savings, and organizational transformation. A sampling of our key customers is found below.

Logos of major SNA customers
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