The Next Big Thing: Envision ETL Solutions

The Next Big Thing: Envision ETL Solutions

“We went from each analyst spending two weeks each submission period translating Excel spreadsheets and pivoting data from a more limited dataset….Now we spend anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes exporting and importing the entire cost and schedule files into the (Proteus Envision) system. The solution saved us millions in effort from the outset.”

Government Senior Civil Service Manager

Avoid Labor-Intensive and Expensive Bespoke ETL – Envision ETL Automates Data Transformation

SNA’s Envision ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) solutions are designed to take the labor and delay in implementation out of digital transformation. Furthermore, bespoke solutions represent both proprietary and single-point failure risks for any organization.

Businesses and government agencies seeking to improve their operational effectiveness by optimizing the use of the intrinsic and business value of information collected during the course of their project and business management operations need something that delivers automated digital transformation.

How we do it. SNA personnel possess the cumulative experience and knowledge of several decades in understanding the lexicons of the software data found within the PPM discipline. Our personnel have used that combined knowledge to first align data in much the way that bespoke business intelligence efforts do, but without flattening data that has already been conditioned. We achieve this through a digital “Rosetta Stone,” inheriting the conditioning of the source and properly contextualizing the information. Our developers document the results of this effort and code it into a highly sophisticated set of software applications that remove the errors, labor and time associated with touch labor data manipulation.

Both the accuracy and fidelity of SNA’s ETL solutions are written to reflect the originating data source at 100% confidence. In addition, SNA subscribes to open systems, meaning that the process of transformation is completely transparent and traceable using neutral data schemas, ensuring confidence in the resulting analytical solutions, and achieving data transparency and democratization within the organization. It also achieves SNA’s cornerstone principle that the customer “Owns the Data.”

Certainly, when much larger companies and organizations are expending so much time and so many resources on ETL, the SNA COTS ETL solution is, as a recent conference attendee said, “the Next Big Thing.” But these solutions do not stop at simple ETL.

The Basis for Digital Thread. The data model resulting from Envision ETL solutions reduce–and in many cases–eliminate data silos. Once data is captured and contextualized virtually, data can be interconnected across domains, processes, and applications to be seamlessly accessed and used to advantage by and between teams, departments, and organizations. The results of Envison ETL solutions, combined with the Proteus BI Platform and Proteus Envision IPPM Applications, are to create a holistic digital thread of the entire project, program, and portfolio management lifecycle.

Envision ETL consists of four applications. These are as follows:

EnvisionData is the premier ETL solution for GovCon, Aerospace & Defense firms and government agencies using or receiving third-party earned value, schedule, and risk management data.

EnvisionProject is the perfect solution for organizations heavily invested in or receiving Microsoft Project data from a single or multiple sources who need to capture and utilize all of the essential data found in these schedules. Valuable for project, program and portfolio management applications.

EnvisionUtilities deliver the ability to introduce multi-disciplinary PPM and provides much of the basis, along with the other Envision ETL solutions, in allowing SNA to deliver software that captures the entire digital ecosystem across the entire project management lifecycle.

EnvisionTemplates expand the capabilities of EnvisionData to allow for extensions to standard industry and government schemas to support processes and systems outside of the limited scope of earned value, critical path scheduling, and simple schedule risk analysis.

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