Proteus BI

Visualization and Business Intelligence from Any Source via Proteus BI

“We are very pleased with both the software and the customer service provided by SNA.”

Manager, IT Strategic Programs, Energy Exploration Company

Proteus Drives Collaboration: A Single Point Solution That Transforms Data into Knowledge

Proteus Business Intelligence turns your data into knowledge you can use. With so many choices on the market how to do ensure you are obtaining a competitive advantage? Empower your teams with a technology that can access data regardless of its source or content. Enable your potential by choosing an analytical capability that is built to enforce credibility and confidence in your information. Deploy a solution that is intuitive and provides visualization and analytics. Have confidence that your data is secure with robust user access controls.

Features and Steps to BI Success:

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Access and Capture Data
  • Agnostic to Data Sources and Types – Connect to virtually any Database, Excel Spreadsheets and Workbooks, and other file types
  • Scalable from small to Big Data — allows establishment of common data repository and reduction of data streams
  • Native time-phased and hierarchical engines ensure that data analytics persist and are properly aligned from the start – show trend analysis and time-stamp changes and important milestones
Integrate Data
  • Connects to multiple sources for complete integration
  • Interactive analysis turning Data into a Knowledge-based Environment
  • Native Grid/GANTT, Charting, Graphing, Histograms, Dashboards, Spreadsheet, and Pivot Grid components with a native Report Capability
Configure User Workspaces
  • Built for Agile Environments – Native configuration layer allows for rapid roll-out of new applications, capabilities, visualizations, charts, graphs, and reports
  • Configuration layer eliminates high level coding – Built on .NET with Object-Oriented configuration that calls the full library of Windows and .NET components
  • Can view integrated documents without third-party applications
Deploy and Secure
  • Powerful multi-tiered security leveraging Windows Authentication, Active Directory, and Common Access Cards
  • Container technology allows for portability and security of content collaboration for compartmentalized and security environments
  • Scalable architecture allows deployment on individual desktops, client-server environments, or SNA’s Cloud or any self-hosted environment
Collaborate and Empower
  • Multiple user application solutions can be deployed to target role, responsibility, and team requirements from common data, allowing users to see information in the way they need it
  • Flexible local user settings allows for easy customized sorting, filtering, and additional visualization of data without affecting the core environment
  • Local and specialized views can be shared across the team – add charts, graphs, spreadsheet controls, reports, and dashboards as needed
Return on Investment
  • Low Cost and High Returns – Entry to the technology is a portion of a full time equivalent person allowing you to use powerful technology to leverage your business needs
  • Reduction of Direct Labor – Proteus is documented to significantly reduce direct labor associated with collecting and processing data
  • Greater Productivity – Proteus is documented to enhance team collaboration and productivity
  • Improve Sustainability and Credibilty – Proteus eliminates duplication, data silos, and proprietary dead ends through Open data and database principles ensuring credibility of your essential business information
  • Greater Insight and Profitability – Proteus’ unlocks the potential of your data to provide you a competitive edge