Proteus Envision: The Science of Weaving New Frontiers

Weaving the Threads with Proteus Envision

Weaving Magic: Connecting the Threads with Proteus Envision

“Proteus application configuration is a very powerful and flexible feature. It enables a Proteus user to create unlimited dashboards along with other visual aids to provide information to stakeholders for informed decision-making.”

Program Analyst, NASA

Introducing Proteus Envision

Proteus Envision is the most comprehensive and advanced project, program, and portfolio management, control, and analysis solution on the market. It is a unique and innovative hybrid technology that integrates the entire PPM lifecycle. Proteus Envision combines the power of BI, the flexibility of open systems configuration, and the delivery of COTS best practice functionality. Consequently, by accessing data from an integrated digital environment that combines data from multiple sources, SNA weaves the digital thread in providing unequaled capability from one single source of truth.

Proteus Envision Application Groups

Proteus Envision Wheel of Wisdom

The application not only provides integrated analysis of cost, schedule, and risk performance measures out-of-the-box, but integrates disciplines across the entire project management lifecycle. Built on the powerful Proteus BI platform, the solution maintains its open properties in providing the ability and flexibility in supporting Agile deployment of needed solutions. But that is not all.

Solutions Across the Project Lifecycle

Proteus Envision PM Phases Cross-Reference
Digitizing the Entire PPM lifecycle

In meeting the goal of digitizing the entire PPM lifecycle, Proteus Envision is pre-configured with a selection of dozens of industry-tested project controls functionality, views, charts, graphs, and predictive analytics across disciplines. Our approach, unlike other software companies that product hard-coded purpose-built niche solutions, is to assume that the customer–the subject-matter expert–knows what they need to perform the job. Our workspaces are configured through rigorous user testing and acceptance and verification against industry and government documented best practices related to the discipline involved. As a result, Proteus Envision software is used to the maximum extent by our customers, since the software solutions closely track and meet organizational needs.

Data Integration and Digital Threads Across Disciplines

Proteus Envision Domain Cross-Reference
Proteus Application Alignment to PPM Competencies

Proteus Envision workspaces are designed to cover the needs of every user discipline and SME in the PPM ecosystem. With SNA Software, we put you back in the driver’s seat by addressing the needs of all PPM competencies.

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